Our Banking Chat Bot is built and geared towards banks and financial organizations that deal with a lot of customers and have large sets of FAQs.

The aim is the Bot is the facilitate service and products inquiry and minimize the interaction between customer service agents and costumers.

Hoopoe is powered by an AI engine that understand the Arabic languages, different local dialects, and Franco-Arab


Multi Dialect



Franco Arab





6. Notifications: Customers can subscribe to notifications by integrating hoopoe with the organization’s systems and provide updates such as application completion, transactions, balances, etc.

5. Surveys:  Initiate surveys to capture using feedback regarding Service, Products or any other information that needs to be captured by the organization.

3. Customer Request: Messages that initiate a process or trigger a certain work flow like application submission, card activation , etc. hoopoe has the ability to initiate a multi step conversation and capture various inputs needed to complete the process or workflow.

4.Offers: Utilizing the built in campaigns or through integrating with 3rd Party Software, hoopoe can initiate and  send specific messages to the users to promote for new offers or up sell to existing customers

2. Customer Inquiry: Data that is retrieved by integrating with the organization’s system through secure connections and retrieve information that is specific to the customer.

The solution supports a wide variety of questions and can provide answers either as general information or as personalized customer information based on the customer’s authentication and authorization. Supported formats include:

1. FAQ: General questions that relate to information around the services offered and the organization in general. The sysem also provides users with quick answers / multiple choices to improve the data input process and reduce the time taken by the user to respond.

Questions & Answers

Hoopoe is powered by an advanced machine learning engine that allows it to work with multiple languages and dialects as well as provide advanced features such as intent detection and entity extraction.


The models are built and trained to meet the needs of specific industries and insure accuracy and reliability when answering questions and interacting with customers.

• Arabic, English and Franco Arab support.

• Entity Extraction for matching products and infromation and other user inputs.

• intent detection to insure natural language understanding of the questions.

Machine Learning Engine
Multi-Channel Support

Hoopoe’s management portal provides the business users with the ability to manage the BOT and the pool of answers being delivered by the hoopoe. It also provides the users with the ability to promotion campaigns as well as system notifications.

1. Response Management: Manage and format the pool of answers that are associated with the questions supported in the system. Users are also able to manage and configure pre defined quick answers.

2. Campaign Intergration: Manage the campaigns or offers that are to be sent to the customers and the frequency in which they are delivered.

3. Notifications: Enable/Disable supported notification in the system and determine which notifications are allowed to be activated by the customer.

Management Portal

Insights on the general questions being asked, frequency of questions, average session time and general BOT information. A complete overview on the customer acquisition funnel, customer journey with the campaigns and general insights on the customer








Mobile Application

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